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Helicopters . An unbiased view about the evil things,
Getting a steady hover, week 3

 The difference in stability between a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft is often compared to a child's swing which is hung by steel rods. If it is pushed from its normal motionless position and then left alone, the swing will sooner or later of its own accord stop exactly where it was originally. The stability of a fixed wing is similar. A helicopter, however, is like the same swing, only this time balanced upside down. If disturbed it will fall away from where it was with ever increasing speed and will never attempt to return to its original position.
To me it seems worse than that, add in what one flight simulator calls cyclic instability, the heli does not want to keep still.
Due to poor weather and the wind I had not flown my little Shogun until Saturday's evening session, this started badly with some very wobbly hovering and lots of advice not to move the sticks so much. I made some improvement, enough for the heli crowd to recommend removing the training undercarriage, this will stay for a while. I can now hover but only tail in and needing 100% concentration.

Video of me crashing, the canopy falls off, it appears to go tail heavy and crashes into the barrier, brain failure stopped putting down in or reducing the throttle  please don't laugh




Indoor flying

Every Saturday at Bentham Hall 6.00PM till 8.00PM, bar open after.
This venue is open to all with BMFA insurance, spectators welcome, criticism in the manor of Statler and Waldorf   especially welcome

Photos from the 17th session at    

A good turnout 29 in all with three doing free flight 

Photo is Chris Bishop's EPP Blade, notice the amount of rudder needed to maintain a prop hang. Andy captured 2 of the crashes on video, the lighting makes for poor quality 



Video links
Here's a link to a video of first test flight of the eagerly awaited Trex 450 PRO.




The first batch of membership cards  have been handed out, Gloucester numbers are up SCSA numbers about the same as last year

 Gloucester  membership form SCSA Membership form the BMFA


For Sale/wanted     email ads to   

 Electric planes for sale all new not flown, complete with all gear . 16.11.2008
  DINGO 49"  PC-9 ROULETTE 50" £150 EACH
Phone Don Jones 01452 531955 for full details

Futaba 6ex, Club 2000, OS75AX 
Hitec HFS-05MS Receivers). 
SEBART SUKHOI, wanted 40 sized trainer


Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon. It is on Sunday 22 of March leaving Aston Down Airfield at 08.00,  the total cost is £20 all in. Members of the SCSA are very welcome if they would like to come. Please to contact Doug Garland on 01453 824903.


The paper plane contest tool place Wednesday 21st Jan 8.00PM at the Bear. 
Mike the web origamied a high tec model that failed to perform and used a carefully made paper dart to win the comp with 

A cross country comp is planned Sunday Feb. 22nd


Slope flying

Friday 23rd – Selsley 

Bang on West, no turbulence, massive lift, 22 mph gusting 30+ Best lift ever I can remember for this slope, severely chilly though! Blue skies and sun too! 

Andy with AliaJ – he launched, Christine flew (my hasn’t she come on in the last few months, needs to give Andy a few tips though?) 2/3rds ballast made the AJ ‘come alive’. Constant motion and great penetration, the grey clouds in the blue sky gave a few ’where the hell is it’ problems. 

Guy with his ancient Phase 6 Pro and trusty MiraJ. As we left, I really thought I’d missed the opportunity to fly it with full ballast on board. One of those rare opportunities, in awesome lift. 

Graham with his new Phase 4. Did the book in the aerobat department, as he does. No problems penetrating at all. 

A nameless flyer from Wooton under Edge, let’s call him ‘channel 73’. He flew an ‘own build’ Sitar Special a la Solent Sailplanes of 20 years ago. Bagged wings, Kevlar hinges, home spun epoxy fuselage. Flew great and was constructed to outlast the SS original by about 19 years. 

Where was Phil with his Nyx? It would have loved it!

Good lift - Guy

Saturday PM : Light lift at Frocester when the wind was truly SW the lift was quite good but it was drifting to S at times then it became a 'bit iffy', Tony, Christine and Andy and three other flyers. Good sunshine all afternoon. One of the other flyers landed out across the road in the middle of the farmers field....................

Friday PM : Very strong lift at Selsley West, the wind was measured at 32 MPH. This strong lift was enjoyed by Guy, flying his Miraj and Phase 6, Graham with his Phase 2 ?, Christine and Andy were flying Andy's Alliaj with nearly 2 LBS of lead ballast, it was going well. There was one other flyer, unfortunately I did not get his name, flying a Sitar ?...................

Thursday PM : Wind was on Selsley West, just.................In the normal way the lift was a bit intermittent. The only notable event worth reporting was that Christine did her first 'solo flight', a feat never to be repeated. Guy flew his Miraj, Andy flew Christine's Prodij................ we cried enough at about 3:15, Graham went to Frocester and enjoyed a very good late afternoon session.

Monday PM : Wind direction was SSW, Christine and Andy tried Frocester, the conditions were not suitable for flying anything but a foamy, Christine had lots of practice landing ! !


Sorry we missed the meeting Wednesday, I was not feeling well, just about OK now though.

Cheers for now, see you on the slope.

Andy Dunan

A good breeze at Haresfield, flying started in the bowl near the car park and then moved to the main slope 

Doug's BlaniKl from last week doug1.JPG (1693856 bytes)


Last weeks letter 


Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members


every Saturday till spring Indoor flying Bentham Sports hall
6.00 till 8.00PM, bar open after  GL3 4UD Cheltenham map On Bentham lane no access from  the A417

21st Jan 2009 SCSA Paper plane comp following the meeting 8.00 PM at the Bear
Feb 22nd SCSA cross country 
22nd March Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon leaving Aston Down Airfield at 08.00,  the total cost is £20 all in. Members of the SCSA are very welcome if they would like to come. Please to contact Doug Garland on 01453 824903.
April 11/12 Aerotow  TVSA  Thatcham 
April 11 & 12th Vintage free flight 
Apr 18-19  South West Model & Hobbies Exhibition

Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN. Contact Hannah Langfield on 0117 907 1000 or

Apr 19  West Mendip SA Open Glider Cross Country Event Crook Peak, Nr Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Contact Graham Tolhurst on 07973 163490 or or see
May 16th Thames Valley Model Air Show    Blackbushe M3 Junction 4 or 4a. The local Post Code is GU17 9LQ.
Jun 20-21  Weston Park  Model Show
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 








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