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I has been a bad week for flying, I managed a short flight on Monday the indoor session and Sunday morning at the slope.
My path to heli flying is not the correct one, a Raptor 30 is common model to learn with, Paul Hecules gives lessons and set ups, or a buddy box and an instructor.

Helicopters part 2. An unbiased view about the evil things,
Leaning the hover, week 2

It is the hover that put me off helicopters, everyone says the hover is the most important part and spend hours practicing it, tank after tank of fuel and going nowhere. Paul Gurr is probably the only person who went straight to flying round and doing aerobatics.
The first thing is to get it set up, this is very easy for a beginner, you just let a heli guy do it for you. Taking off most of the down pitch is helpful if it is going to be used indoors, then if you shut the throttle it will not accelerate downwards.
Mark trimmed mine out, I watched as he slowly opened the throttle, the little heli eased a little from the ground the training frame still touching, but it leaned to the right, Mark adjusted the trim and eased into the air, adjusted the rudder, moved around a little then hovered stationary and settled it back down.
Then it was my turn, I took off wobbled a few times and landed, I did get to hover for a while but it went charging across the field.  Then I had radio problems and had to give up.
Indoors at Bentham
The weather has been awful during the week so I was looking forward to flying at the indoor session. 
My first attempts were really bad, as soon as I got near to hovering it skidded  across the floor very fast with the training frame still touching the floor and that's the way it went for the first 2 batteries, just skidding sideways, retrieving and trying again. On the third battery I had the courage to get it  two feet in the air and hovered for a few seconds, but as I was holding my breath it was not for long, I  managed  to do some more hovers on this battery getting 

slightly longer flights, I was very lucky that I got the hover quickly, some times it can take many hours to get to this stage, being able to prop hang helps but I can not get the rhythm right and over compensate too late causing the oscillations and wobbles. I made no improvement with the next 4 batteries. The training frame saved it a few times when I lost control and it went sliding across the floor
I now need to get on with hovering tail in until it's steady, I will try to configure the free flight sim to behave the same as my shogun. For some reason I do not like the flight sim and can only do a few minutes on it.



Joe W Richardson is building a vintage Helicopter web site if you have any manuals on old helicopters please contact Joe using the link on his site. 


Indoor flying

Every Saturday at Bentham Hall 6.00PM till 8.00PM, bar open after.
This venue is open to all with BMFA insurance, spectators welcome. 

Photos from the 16th session at    not many

A quiet evening with more fixed wing than helicopters Photo is Jonathon's T-rex 250



Video links

Gyro stabilized model 



Flight sim. Free
HeliSimRC V2 has been released at it works fine with my elderly PC  and E-sky dummy transmitter. This simulates the popular T-Rex400 and now includes sound. model parameters can be adjusted and reset to defaults

please give this a try, it works with most common transmitters and leads>
Let me know what you think of it

I had a go on Phoenix last week this is a favorite with heli pilots, lots of models and learning modes


The fist batch of membership cards  have been handed out

 Gloucester  membership form SCSA Membership form the BMFA

2009 BMFA Membership Fees are as follows: Seniors £28. Juniors £15,  Family Partners £18. Family Juniors £11


For Sale/wanted     email ads to   

 Electric planes for sale all new not flown, complete with all gear . 16.11.2008
  DINGO 49"  PC-9 ROULETTE 50" £150 EACH
Phone Don Jones 01452 531955 for full details

Futaba 6ex, Club 2000, OS75AX 
Hitec HFS-05MS Receivers). 
SEBART SUKHOI, wanted 40 sized trainer


Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon. It is on Sunday 22 of March leaving Aston Down Airfield at 08.00,  the total cost is £20 all in. Members of the SCSA are very welcome if they would like to come. Please to contact Doug Garland on 01453 824903.


The paper plane contest will take place after the club meeting Wednesday 21st Jan 8.00PM at the Bear. 

If you want to practice try this, my best is 114 metres  Flash paper dart game



A strong breeze at Frocester but  it felt very cold. Doug  flew his Blaik for the first time


The Blaník entered production in 1958 and quickly gained popularity as an inexpensive, rugged and durable type, which was easy to fly and operate. It was widely adopted in the Soviet bloc and was exported in large numbers to Western Europe and North America. Total production was in excess of 2650, or more than 3000 if variants are included. Nearly half a century after its first flight it is still the most common glider in the World.

In the cross-country role the Blaník achieved many two-seater World distance records during the 1960s in spite of having only fair performance.

Last weeks letter 


Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members


every Saturday till spring Indoor flying Bentham Sports hall
6.00 till 8.00PM, bar open after  GL3 4UD Cheltenham map On Bentham lane no access from  the A417

21st Jan 2009 SCSA Paper plane comp following the meeting 8.00 PM at the Bear
Feb SCSA cross country 
22nd March Aston Down club is arranging a coach trip to the RAF museum at Hendon
April 11/12 Aerotow  TVSA  Thatcham 
April Vintage free flight 
May 16th Thames Valley Model Air Show    Blackbushe M3 Junction 4 or 4a. The local Post Code is GU17 9LQ.
Jun 20-21  Weston Park  Model Show
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 





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