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Happy new year everybody, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday.
The SCSA club had a good turnout for the Boxing day pylon race in spite of the cold, it was good to see so much support. I was beginning to think slope flying had died out. often there is only Guy and Andy flying regularly with a few more on Sunday mornings. The club members have lost interest in competing for the John Perry championship cup. The Club will run a few events for fun only with the results not counting, the first of these will be in February a cross country event in which novices will be able to take part.
In the summer the club meetings will be on the slope or Minchinhampton common and then to the Bear. No talks or demos have been arranged so far, we may need to get together with the other clubs to make up the numbers 
The first club meeting will take place 8.00PM  21st January and the paper airplane comp will follow  
This year I will be helping with routine updates of  the SCSA web site as Mike is doing the membership
The Gloucester model flying club is going well, there was a big increase in membership last year thanks mainly due to the loss of  P.O.P . The indoor flying organised by the club has been very popular,  the large space at Bentham is great place to fly. 
Training takes place regularly on the field, unfortunately I have failed to benefit from this and still have all my bad habits. Three BBQs are planned for the summer . The web site has a lot of use with regular updates about indoor and field flying, the site has about 50 hits a day mainly from me and CB checking  each others mistakes

Tetbury oven and cooker repairs

The CRCS at Aston Down is still going well, the full sized runway is good for large models. Many of the members enjoy making scale models

At the bottom of the page are some events that may interest our readers, the first airshow is Blackbushe in May

This news letter started as reminders to SCSA members about club events and became weekly news of club flying. It was stopped May last year, it was thought it was reducing the attendance at club meetings. I have lost the addresses of most SCSA members, please send me your email address and I will put you back on the list. 

The BMFA have come under fire for removing adverts that have a Hotmail or similar  email addresses, this is to reduce fraud, as most paid for addresses should be traceable by following the money . On the RCMF forum there have been over 200 replies to a post about this,68943.0.html 


Indoor flying

Every Saturday at Bentham Hall 6.00PM till 8.00PM, bar open after.
This venue is open to all with BMFA insurance, spectators welcome. 

32 seniors plus 2 juniors made up the numbers,  3 free flighters

Photos from the 14th session at   with a report by  CB

Email from Bob 
Good time last evening, There was a lad there flying a rubber powered, rotating wing, free flight jobby. I said that I thought I had seen something similar many years ago in an Aeromodeller Annual and that If I found anything


 I would forward to him through you or Chris. I don't know what sort of nerd this makes me, but I found this  illustration in the 1964 book. I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but I recalled a page from 44 years ago. Cheers.  Bob W


New Year's day

Soup, tea & coffee were served all afternoon at the GMFC field, we consumed 18 cans of soup 

"happy George had a surprise when he woke up, he had turned Scottish see Photo and report  last week's flying at little Haresfield   

Video links

Helicopter flying with a difference

Control line video 


Please note you will need to renew your BMFA insurance, this can be done by joining CRCS  Glos-MFC, SCSA who are BMFA affiliated
You may also go direct to the BMFA

 Gloucester  membership form SCSA Membership form

2009 BMFA Membership Fees are as follows: Seniors 28. Juniors 15,  Family Partners 18. Family Juniors 11


for Sale/wanted     email ads to   

the Edge and heli command has been sold

wanted Saito 100

 Electric planes for sale all new not flown, complete with all gear . 16.11.2008
  DINGO 49"  PC-9 ROULETTE 50" 150 EACH
Phone Don Jones 01452 531955 for full details

Futaba 6ex, Club 2000, OS75AX 
Hitec HFS-05MS Receivers). 
SEBART SUKHOI, wanted 40 sized trainer

Slope Flying

Monday at Rodborough, Phil from Bristol, click on thumbnails

Dsc_0053.jpg (1204141 bytes)

Dsc_0058.jpg (76901 bytes)

Dsc_0044.jpg (48304 bytes)

Dsc_0045.jpg (35139 bytes)
Med and myself were at the east slope of Rodborough Common today (29th Dec) for a quick fly in the sunny conditions and it wasn't even that cold. Med was flying his shooting star and I was testing an OD 12ft thermal glider. I've only ever flown there once before years ago and had forgotten how close the road is which was a bit disconcerting especially with a new model. Nevertheless there was enough lift and height gain to make some useful test flights and a landing behind the road.
Happy new year 




Last weeks letter at 


Events & Shows

This isn't intended to be the definitive list of all the events and shows in the country, just one's that might be of interest to club members


every Saturday till spring Indoor flying Bentham Sports hall
6.00 till 8.00PM, bar open after  GL3 4UD Cheltenham map On Bentham lane no access from  the A417

21st Jan 2009 SCSA Paper plane comp following the meeting 8.00 PM at the Bear
Feb SCSA cross country 
April 11/12 Aerotow  TVSA  Thatcham 
April Vintage free flight 
May 16th Thames Valley Model Air Show    Blackbushe M3 Junction 4 or 4a. The local Post Code is GU17 9LQ.
Jun 20-21  Weston Park  Model Show
Jul 4&5 Woodspring 





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