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Gloucester Cooker repairs

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Here’s a few pics of my Gidley Gull, fuz and’s taking time, like my large scale Cicogna...but I am building it at work in between resin curing.

I'm sure everyone's heard of the Colditz thingy..well I'm getting stuck into my Gidley Gull (Gidley being the farm where my workshop is located) As a self employed fibreglass "repairer" I have some down time and in my down time I'm realising a glider design I have been sketching out for the past few years. It's based on a Frenchman's idea of what a glider should be back in the days before such contraptions actually flew and inspired by the Red Kites that soar so gracefully above the farm. 

Scale?? well it has been inspired by man's attempt at early flight. The wing will have a flowing gull shape with a flick up at the tip, but so far I'm cracking on with the fuz.


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Below the inspiration for Andy's Model, although I think it is the fumes from Andy's resin

 shinook4.jpg (951983 bytes) 1868.jpg (56554 bytes)  airshow-lebris.jpg (42513 bytes)

Le Bris built a glider, inspired by the shape of the Albatross and named L'Albatros artificiel ("The artificial Albatross"). During 1856 he flew briefly on the beach of Sainte-Anne-la-Palud (Plonévez-Porzay, Finistère), the aircraft being placed on a cart towed by a horse.[1] He thus flew higher than his point of departure, a first for heavier-than-air flying machines, reportedly to a height of 100 m (330 ft), for a distance of 200 m (660 ft). 


Farther and son build a Benbuckle kit 


scorp.jpg (143244 bytes)
You might find these videos helpful. How to restore bent foamies to a shape close to normal after a crash using hot water.

1st video white polystyrene  and and last video foam types such as that used in wildthings etc.






My next event is local

1st September eSoaring BMFA League Hawling, Gloucestershire  Bernie Jones:   

contact me if you want to join in a relaxed local electric glider event


League competition at Hawling, will be held on Sunday 1st September 2013. (nearest postcode GL54 5TA)
By kind permission of John & Sue Davis

08.30am to 9.30am – Signing on, flight testing and Altimeter checks where required.
09.45am - Pilot Briefing
10.00am - Contest start time
After three or possibly four rounds - 30-minute lunch break.
04.30pm – Contest ends.
05.00pm – Results and Prize giving.

A £7.00 entry fee is payable at sign in.

A loan H/L switch can be provided if required at a fee of £5 for the event.
If this is your first esoaring event then the switch will be loaned F.O.C

Details of all the sites we use can be found on Martins 'eSoaring &F5J' website:-

The address is:
Manor Farm Bungalow, Hawling, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5TA. Map ref: 51.904645,-1.916234

If you will be approaching Hawling on the A436, from an easterly direction ie. from Stow on the Wold.
Please ignore the first two signs (right turns) to 'Hawling' and take the third. "eSoaring" signs will direct you from here.
This will reduce the time you spend in narrow lanes, negotiating the village, and is a quicker and more direct route to the field entrance.

Those approaching from the West ie. from Andoversford traffic lights on the A40 will pick up the "eSoaring" signs at the first Hawling sign/turning on their left.

Please enter this event by posting to this thread, with the following information:

1) Your name
2) Preferred Frequency if on 35Mhz plus alternative, or state 2.4GHz.
3) Class being entered - i.e. OPEN or 2 METRE.
4) If you require the loan of an altimeter switch for the day.

Regards to all, and looking forward to seeing you on the 1st....


PS: Please note I will be away on the Eurotour from 11/6/13 for the lead up to this event.
I will enter the 'entries to date' as and when I can - so don't be concerned if you enter, but your name doesn't appear promptly on the list

Electric Cooker repairs carried out in the GL5 GL6 GL8 GL11 GL12 GL2 post code areas 
Stroud, Gloucestershire, Gloucester, Stonehouse,  Nailsworth  Quedgeley. Painswick

 Gloucester oven repairs


BPFR0l8CQAIiUVp.jpg (54083 bytes)

The Western police helicopter is now run from Filton and has started Tweeting or twittering, this should be better than the nasty noise when they hover over your house to stop you enjoying the cricket on TV 

Gloucester model flying club

  More photos will be on   later

  Afternoon tea & cakes
18th August

Great interest was shown in an fpv kitted model

Cookie's 15 glow in one his little models

cookie.jpg (89820 bytes)  fpv.jpg (137446 bytes)


Bird watch

I can't get a good photo of the swifts and swallows, they are too quick; there was a lot feeding while the oil seed was being harvested.

It looks like the farmer has been using child labour

harvest.jpg (188640 bytes)

gull7.jpg (51754 bytes)  gull8.jpg (138309 bytes)

swallow.jpg (41496 bytes)  swallow2.jpg (48507 bytes)


Malvern Soaring Association

Calendar of events

I keep getting the dates wrong, please  visit the web site for the latest news of events



Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th
Sunday 25th, Monday 26th
The Upton Music Festival Camping on Fish Meadow (no club flying)


Sunday 8th Thermal 5 BARCS Rules, start 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow
Saturday 14th MSA OPEN E-SOARING CONTEST Upton − Fish Meadow
Sunday 22nd E Soaring 6 − National Rules 10 mins in 11 mins, start 10:30 am Upton − Fish Meadow


Fish Meadow photos updated 


Slope soaring



I flew at the GMFC the lift  was huge, I had a go at thermalling George's Cub and failed

george.jpg (50765 bytes)



A funny day booming lift followed lack of lift as the sky went neatly black followed by  some  buoyant air about 5.00PM

Below a first person view set up and a Spitfire

spit.jpg (108809 bytes)  first.jpg (168055 bytes) 


I flew at Upton, there was a bit more wind than i liked

barry2.jpg (58722 bytes)  barry3.jpg (149706 bytes) barry4.jpg (263333 bytes) barry.jpg (150502 bytes)
barry5.jpg (62915 bytes)



A good breeze but on the point giving poor lift at times



a westerly breeze on Selsley, the lift fading at times

Photos: 2 of Andy's PSS models and Tom's racer

11sun.jpg (48751 bytes) 12sun.jpg (73713 bytes) 13sun.jpg (87089 bytes) 19sun.jpg (41767 bytes)

16sun.jpg (44097 bytes) 17sun.jpg (54169 bytes)   20sun.jpg (79446 bytes) 15sun.jpg (114377 bytes)

Well, the lift wasn't always as good as it had supposed to be. Nonetheless, it was a great day on the slopes with so many people flying. Thoroughly good company made the day and great to see Yoyo (Paul) hitting the slopes again. I Look forward to the next opportunity. In the meantime, here's a video Paul captured of the DC4 flying when the lift was favourable 

Latest photos at;O=D 


For Sale
Raptor 30 bind 'n' fly. AR6200 6 CHANNEL SPEKTRUM, AR7000 7 CHANNEL, Black magic kit,, Blade SR Huey RTF, Thunder Tiger Field Box, Scroll Saw, Blenderm tape, Spektrum DX7JP, Stinson, FRsky plug in 2.4gig Futaba/Hitec conversion module,

For sale Links 

 For Sale at Glos-mfc 




Aug 4

Bath SPA RCS All Electric Fly In

Colerne, Wiltshire. Airfield Site. No Spectators. Contact Bob Partington on 01225 891441 or

Aug 4 Wessex 

SA Slope Fly In

For all Non-Powered Gliders. Slopes in South West Wiltshire, East of Shaftsbury. Contact Pete Carpenter on 07919 903742 or 

Aug 10-11

North Cotswold MFC Annual Fly for Fun

Flying off-the-peg all weekend. Bring and Buy Sale. Camping on site. Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. See 

 11th August The West Mendip SA are holding a PSS event at Crooke Peak (link for more details )
Scale Gliders on Crook Peak, Somerset. 10am on. BS26 2HW. Contact Andrew Davey on 07989 361471 or or see
25th August 2013Woodspring E-Fly 2013 THE ALL ELECTRIC DAY
E-Fly 2010 was a great day - for web page Click here 
The Woodspring E- Fly 2013 - 25th August 2013
Aug 24-25-26

BMFA British National Championships
Radio Control    Control Line     Scale

BMFA British Silent Flight National Championships

1st September

eSoaring BMFA League Hawling, Glouc ELG X Bernie Jones: 

8th September

eSoaring BMFA League TVSFb Bracknell, Berks ELG X  RG42 6ET

Bernie Jones:

TVSF. Bracknell, Berkshire. Contact via 

Sept 22

BMFA eSoaringAMC. East Worldham, Hampshire. Contact via 

29th September F3F BMFA League 5Long Mynd, Salop 
Sep 28-29 Weston Fighter Meet
Weston-Super-Mare Beach Large Model Show., Somerset, BS23 1BE. Contact Chris Willis on 01992 611250 or  or see





Esoaring Dates