SCSA - Minchinhampton common and flat field Photos
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peter-alula.jpg (98166 bytes) john-spitfire.jpg (90231 bytes) 07/02/2010
Peter's Alula and John's Spitfire on a very dull Sunday morning
doug-sky.jpg (185602 bytes) doug-sky2.jpg (52206 bytes) 18/10/09
Thatcham Aerotow  featuring Doug's Sky
photo 3 , photo 4, Photo 5 , photo 6, photo 7
fish-meadow.jpg (97108 bytes) cb-launch.jpg (71143 bytes) 09/08/09

Brian's Algebra and Bryan's Eliminator at Fish Meadow during our interclub competition just a perfect day


brian-glos2.jpg (98869 bytes) 


brian-glos.jpg (98282 bytes)

25/06/09 Brian winch launching his F3J model
aquila.jpg (90209 bytes) 13/06/09 Phil's Aquila self launching glider


13/06/09 Phil's little Fox, a free flight glider fitted with small RC equipment

Two 4 gram servos, 7 gram brushless motor, 2 cell 250 ma lipo

Dsc_1769.jpg (127574 bytes) 13/06/09 John Bennett's Highlight
john-bulldog4.jpg (145584 bytes) 7/06/09 John Bennett's Bulldog, profile body foamy 
peter-yak3.jpg (97571 bytes)06/06/09 Peter's Yak
don-swift.jpg (64639 bytes)30/05/09 Don's Swift on Sunday morning
mike-parkmaster.jpg (108633 bytes) 23/05/2009 Mike flying his Parkmaster
peter-common.jpg (68870 bytes) New 30/03/09 Peter's Easy Bee

Click for bigger photoNew 27/02/08 Mike launching his Alula backwards

....or being a smart a*s and catching it?

p.s. it only took 17 attempts to get the landing approach right for the photo :-)

Click for bigger photoNew 27/02/08 Mike launching another park flier.

No wind nowadays = electric flying on Minch, rather than towing up gliders...

Click for bigger photoNew 27/02/08 Pete on a flyby with a small electric park flier.

Click for bigger photoNew 27/02/08 Of course there's always someone who insists flying a glider when there's no wind

Phil catching his DLG glider

Click for bigger photoElectric glider flying at sunset. Note the Nympsfield wind turbine in the background.
(the turbine is actually on a hill a couple of miles away)

P.S: Those guys in the background are practising golf, the guy on the left hasn't just crashed his model into the ground behind him :-)

may07-ken-spit.jpg (48986 bytes)


Ken's Spitfire

april07-mike-3d.jpg (64986 bytes)


Mike's 3D depron fun fly at Minchinhampton Common

april07-ken-jet.jpg (23522 bytes)


Ken's Air Bus by E-Flight, powered by 2 ducted fan units

april07-peter.jpg (51872 bytes)


Peter's Electric model

april07-andy-hlg.jpg (39012 bytes)


Andy side arm launching his HLG

  Chris Boosey's Fun-Jet, EPP and very fast


Pete Godsell with a bi-plane


Click for bigger photoNo wind for gliding? No problem, just get your electric Yak out instead. Pete practicing his slow flying

Click for bigger photo Brian with his homebrew Shockie. Take one sheet of 6mm Depron, a knife, some carbon strip etc.... flies really well.

Side arm launch. Click for bigger photoAde with his Highlight SAL

See the movie (2.2megs .wmv)

Side arm launch. Click for bigger photoPete practising his side arm launch technique in the HLG comp.

T33 photoKyosho T33 flying after it's second(!) rebuild. It seems to prefer 8 cells and a good head wind to help with the handlaunch, once flying it goes very well.

Click for bigger imageWhat a difference a few months make. It's winter thermal it's raining (horizontally), it's blowing a gale and nobody is brave (stupid) enough to get their models out of their cars

Click for bigger imagePete concentrating on the summer thermal comp 2001 with Dave doing the timing.

Click for bigger imageAndy overshooting the landing box in the summer thermal comp. Because of this Andy didn't win the comp...

Click for bigger image - Richard with his "Sunrise" sunset!

Click for Larger imageBrian attempting to fly his "cheap" F16 he bought at Sandown.
Pity he had to spend another couple of hundred pounds on charger, batteries, servos etc.....We won't mention how well it flew either :-)

Click for Larger image A rare Bee Orchid as seen on Minchinhampton. Due to the lack of livestock because of the Foot & Mouth crisis, the flowers had a chance to flourish.
p.s. Don't pick them.....they are really rare.

Click for Larger imageA Pyramidal Orchid. Phil's been busy with his camera...

Click for larger imagePhil flying at Sunset on Minchinhampton common.

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