Minchinhampton common

This is owned by the National Trust.  They have given permission for electric launched gliders to be flown there, they will not object to small park flyers to being flown there.  
Powered models are not allowed.

There have been complaints from residents about noise.  This has come from models with IC engines and electric Zagi-type models and concerns about safety. The warden will be making visits and, if needed, enforcement notices will be issued against those who do not follow the rules.  The local Environmental Protection Officer is also now involved, and this could end up with us losing the facility altogether.

The following is from the NT web site,  http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/what-we-do/what-we-protect/coast-and-countryside/knowledge-bank/view-page/item799275/

Use of National Trust properties for non-powered model flying is acceptable, largely due to the establishment of licences between the Trust and local clubs.

In 1998 two precedent agreements were established between the Trust and the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) for affiliated and non-affiliated clubs.

Guiding principles

1. The National Trust welcomes non-powered model flying on its land, recognising that the activity seldom causes significant disturbance, provided particular care is taken with regard to other visitors, livestock and birds.

2. Licences based upon the precedent agreements prepared jointly by the National Trust and the BMFA will regulate this activity.

Possible impacts

  • Danger and disturbance to other visitors.
  • Disturbance to livestock and wildlife, particularly birds.
  • Parking congestion at some sites.
  • Creation of new paths to launching and landing points.
  • Visual intrusion.
Legislation, codes and agreements
The overall body in charge of airspace rules is the Civil Aviation Authority. Article 51 of the Air Navigation Order (1985) states that:

'A person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.'


This law covers all model flying, whatever the size or weight of the aircraft. The codes of conduct contained in the BMFA Members' Handbook have been developed in response to Article 51. Wherever model flying takes place these codes must be used. Models that are over 7kg are subject to further regulations.

Under sections 58 and 59 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, local authorities or magistrates' courts may restrict or prohibit flying if the noise caused by the activity amounts to a statutory nuisance.

People may be disturbed by noise from model aircraft in the countryside as well as indoors or in their own gardens, and the peace and quiet of rural areas should be respected. In addition there may be some urban open spaces, such as ornamental parks or children's play areas, where model-flying would be inappropriate and should not take place at all. Nature and wildlife reserves, country parks or other countryside areas where people go to relax in quiet and peaceful surroundings, should also be avoided by model-flyers. Preferably, model-flying in country areas should be confined to specified locations where suitable provisions have been or can be made with the agreement of local farmers or landowners, and where the risk of disturbance is relatively slight. Noisy pursuits will usually be out of place in National Parks.

 Model-flyers should therefore seek the agreement of the National Park Authority before operating from any site in a National Park, however remote it may be.

Where no direct supervision (eg by clubs) of flying is possible, it is recommended that the following should apply:

i. the point of launch of control-line and model aircraft with limited engine-run should not normally be closer to any noise-sensitive premises than 300 metres;

ii. the point of launch of radio-controlled models with continuous engine-run (which range over a greater area) should not normally be nearer to any noise-sensitive premises than 500 metres;

iii. models should not be flown closer to any noise-sensitive premises than 200 metres.


So please, no noisy models, and respect the other users of the common.