SCSA - Funny Photo's
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Click for bigger photoNew 13/10/08 Pick your favourite caption:

1. Extreme electric glider flying anyone?
2. Who forgot the winch?
3. Great plane design, but the undercarriage might be a bit over engineered.
4. You did read the instructions didn't you?
5. I need more power Scotty!

Click for bigger photoOh look, there's still a pressie left on the xmas tree!

Oh, no there isn't.... Phil's just decided to land his Zagi in a bush (can't imagine why)

There's also a joke about 3 wise men somewhere in here...

Click for bigger photoPhil "the photo" searching in vain for a glider to try out his new camera on.

Phil - It's behind you!

....well, it is panto season :-)

Click for bigger photo You know you get those models that are a real dog to fly? Well, here's another!

Click for bigger photoI'm sure my model landed in here somewhere!

Click for bigger photo I know Pete's a clever chap, but where did he get that extra pair of arms from?

Click for bigger photoHmm... Has someone baled out of Pete's Herc? or is it just a paraglider in the distance?

Pete giving Phils ASW an almighty chuck. Click for bigger photoGrrruuumphhhh! that's what you call a launch!
...Now some important questions (answers on a postcard please)
- Why are both of Pete's feet off the ground?
- Did he forget to let go in time?
- Why's he wearing odd colour socks?
- Is he going to leapfrog over the viewpoint marker?

Photo of Phil chucking his model whilst letting go of his transmitter. Click for bigger photoThinks... so that's the model launched,


Click for bigger photo There's never any contention between paragliders and model gliders on Selsey

Click for bigger photoGiant HLG spotted over Rodborough Common!

...Or is it "News Flash - 6 inch high midget spotted flying r/c glider"

Click for bigger photo"Wot's that Thing growing over there?"

Click for bigger photo I know my model's around here somewhere...but where did it go? ...Is our new comp sec. Andy trying to invent a new competition perhaps?

Click for bigger photoHumph ...that'll teach you for not winning the pylon comp ..take that you stupid Zagi!

FOR SALE: One Zagi careful owner...

Click for bigger photo It's spring time! Phil jumping over his Jazz ...don't know why though?

Click for bigger photo Looks like this pilot needs to tighten his seatbelt properly next time!

How not to land a CumulusPhoto of Paul Jewell with his Cumulus 2800 following a perfect landing in a bush near the top of Cam L Down (quote from Pete Wolf)

Andy LandingAndy demonstrating the art of how not to do dynamic soaring. I think you're supposed to fly over the top of the hill, not into it Andy :-)

Yup, it's definitely windyYup, it's definitely windy today...

Click for bigger photoSo what is this cow thinking? ...answers on a postcard (or email) please :-)

Click for bigger photoAnd you think your radio is old!

Click for bigger photoAnother in the c**p landing series of photos!

Click for bigger imageClick for bigger imageBryan landing on can just see the wingtip as he lands behind the hump. The second photo shows what happened to the pilot after the landing....he lost it completely (his legs that is)

Note: Don't worry, this is a staged picture and no rubber pilots or models were harmed in this "production"

Click for bigger imageA Zagi dropping a huge "bomb" ...Say no more!

Click for bigger image The "bomb dropping" Zagi pilot.

Click for bigger image A really c**p landing....A great big landing area and he picks a huge cowpat to land in....lovely!
Still perhaps with all that muck on the Mininch it'll grow into a Calypso...

Click for bigger image. A close up of the above photo

Click for bigger imageSee, It can happen to even the best gliders. Pete's Calypso picks up a pile. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo of Brian's glider that also landed in a cowpat on the same day as these photo' that's what you call a really c**p day

Click for bigger imageThis what happens when you let Andy (the club chairman) teach you to fly. The model's in the top of a tree and there's no sign of Andy!

Click for bigger photo That's a funny place to land Pete.....well, the rest of us though it was funny anyway!

Click for larger imageSo what can you say about this...Who on earth would throw a Zagi off Frocester with a 1/4 scale K8 pilot hanging off the back?....Dylan, perhaps you could answer this one?

Who is it?3 very dodgy looking characters....Are they just about to do a bank robbery, or are they about to fly their models?....(taken at the Boxing day pylon race...very, very cold!)

Jump a Zagi timeA little something to do if it's too foggy to fly - Let's play "jump the Zagi"......mad or what??

Father "Petemas"He's back again! It's not Father Xmas, it's Father Petemas! When Pete was asked to run the Boxing day pylon race he obliged, but decided as it was Xmas to dress up in fancy dress as well.....

The joys of model flying in winter! it's wet...very, very wet! Frocester hill in November....Lovely!

And if it's not's foggy. This was supposed to be the pylon race comp (on Haresfield) in October. However as you couldn't see more than 50 feet it would have been a bit tricky!

Haresfield again. Look at that big lump of fog rolling in on top of us...This was the pylon race comp again, in one of the few moments where the fog lifted.

Oops!Example No.1 of how not to land...vertically! Fortunately it's not as bad as it looks, the grass is about 2ft high and the model stalled in from a few feet up, so no damage was done. (Apart from the pilot's pride!)
As the webmaster I'm not saying who landed their plane like this, but there's no truth in the rumour that this is my plane!

'ere Pete, wot are you doing in that tree?Example No.2 of how not to land a plane. Different pilot (Pete), different model, different tree, same result.... Some ***** with a camera rushes out and takes a picture!
Funny how the camera never comes out when you make that superb landing!

Pete on a bikePete on a bike. As you can see he's sat on the handlebars and riding backwards over very rough grass. Say no more...

Pete & umbrellaPete again. Shorts, T-shirt and an umbrella. The joys of model flying in summer.

Pete "fishing" for his model after an unusual landing.

RainingA new use for a Wild Thing. Bet you've never seen one used as an umbrella before.