SCSA - Andy's Models
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Click for bigger image The Cicogna was a "Pull-OutPlan" back in 1997, drawn up by Alberto Dotti at 62" span, mine is blown up to 94". The the original was designed by Luigi Teichfuss and powered by a 25 horse power engine. It looks like Luigi just chopped off the tail end of a Falcon, and whacked an motor in........The plan had a 400 electric motor, mine has a geared 600.....should be ok at 1/2 throttle, and at 4lbs ( for the benifit of the Euro Police 800grams) it should be a bit of a wasn't the prop wasn't big enough, so now it's in bits I'll take the geared bit out......I am repairing it after it spun in on Saturday at Selsley. Wings are fine but the fuz is a little bent. (text by Andy W)

Click for bigger image Another of Andy's "rescued" gliders. Bought secondhand, but refurbished and looks great in the air.

Click for bigger image It flies! long as it's not too windy :-)

Click for bigger image Something different again for Andy. An all foam park flyer glider, but it looks fantastic with a nice paint job.

Click for bigger image A low pass with the Tucano ....or is it a staged photo?

Click for bigger image Andy can't resist a good scale paint job, this time it's on a PMP EPP Tucano. The Tucano was covered in Solartex with Flair decals applied.

Click for bigger image A closeup view of Andy's Tucano. This is the current RAF trainer colour scheme.

Click for Larger Image Andy Likes Zagi's.first there was the standard Zagi, then the 5ft Zagi, then the 6ft Zagi and now the 8ft Zagi! (3 biggest one's are shown here)
Conclusion....Andy's loves Zagi's and he's also mad! All of the Zagi's fly beautifully but they're getting bigger and big's the next one going to be?

ZagiThis 8ft one looks rather nice as it's been designed to look like a B2 bomber. It looks very menacing in the air...
Not quite sure how it's managed to change colour though..maybe he's got 2x8ft Zagi's?

Zagi8ft Zagi in flight

Click for larger image 1/4 scale DFS Reiher. Bought secondhand, then totally refurbished to an excellent standard. Look superbs!
(photo taken on Selsley Common)

Click for larger imageCloseup view

Click for larger imageAerial view over Selsley, it really does look good in the air.

BeforeThis shows what can be done with a rather tatty secondhand model. Needless to say this is the "before" picture"

AfterAnd this is the "after" picture.